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Best Way to Wash a Black Car without Scratching 2022


Washing your car every week is the best way to wipe out the surface contaminants before they do any type of serious damage to the car’s paintwork. The incorrect cleaning process can cause paint swirls. Every time when you are washing your car, you are more likely to rub grit into the paintwork of the car.

You really need to follow the tips so that you can wash your car without a little bit of scratch on it. With just carefully selected tools and deep knowledge of more important techniques, you will be able to achieve professional swirl-free pain work just like the professionals. A thorough car wash at your home can yield easily a professional result without the expense of taking your car to the detailing service. The tips that you will find here, will not only help you to achieve professional results but can end up with a satisfying task also.

A car wash can really work wonders with your vehicle both in terms of maintenance and aesthetic value. Not only, perfect cleaning can give your car a more appealing and cleaner look but it helps also the paint job and interior of the car last longer.

Major items needed to perform a complete car wash at home

  • Bucket for water and the gold car wash soap
  • Car Washing Sponges & MittsTowel or Absorber to dry out the car
  • A perfect Shady Location

Optional Items

  • Second Bucket of water filled with fresh сlean water
  • Water Blade or any other squeegee product
  • Wheel Detailing Brushes
  • Air Compressor with the air nozzle

Step-by-step method Best Way to Wash a Black Car

To start the clean-up process, park the car first in a clan and shady location, which is out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can affect the process of the car wash as it can cause the soap and water to dry previously and it can leave spots on the paint. If the wheels of the car are covered in dirt or there is brake dust, it is best to start the process by scrubbing the wheels first. If you drove the car recently, it is advisable not to wash the wheels as the brakes can be hot the heat will cause the soap or wheel cleaner very quickly to evaporate and can cause spotting. It can also result in severe cases that warp the brake rotor.

First, rinse out the tires and wheels by using the rag, sponge, or brushes of wheel detailing to wash out the grime and dirt that are covering the car wheels. Take a separate sponge but do not use the same sponge that you will use to clean up the rest of the car. If you use the same one, you may pick up contaminants from the wheels. It can even scratch the paint easily on the body of the car.

Once the initial scrubbing of the wheels is complete, just start the process of main car washing. You can start by rinsing out the car properly, starting from the top of the car and working your way down. Make sure that you are paying special attention to spots where dirt or debris can accumulate. You can pull out all of the windshield wipers away from the glass into a propped position before rinsing or just soaping the car.

Now take good quality car wash soap and fill a bucket of water. Mix the soap properly in the water by following the directions that you will find on the container of car wash soap.Keep a second bucket available and fill that with clean, fresh water. This second bucket can be used to clean the rag or sponge due to not contaminating the soapy water with any grime or dirt. Start the washing process with a car wash mitt or sponge. Start it from the top and make your way down. When you are cleaning out the car, make sure that you are doing it in sections. First, start by washing the roof, then wash the hood, the trunk, one set of doors, grille guard, and then move to the other side. In between every section rinse the soap off.

Washing the car in sections will ensure that the soap never dries on the car surface and it will let you see if any dirt or grime is missed. To prevent spotting, as you are moving with the process, try to keep the entire wet.

Waterless Cleaning

If you don’t want to use a lot of water but want a starch-free clean-up, you can go for the waterless car cleaning process. There are high-lubricity car wash sprays available in the market that you can use to clean up the body of the car.

This is an eco-friendly process and will never cause any scratches on the surface. The high-lubricity chemicals of the car wash solution can encapsulate all the dust and dirt chemicals. The process is quite similar to the car was but these cleaning gels are more efficient to clean up without scratches.

The process is also less difficult. You just need to spray the solution on the car’s surface and wipe it out with a towel or sponge. It will leave no thick or thin dried dirt or mud on the surface to clean. But if your car is too nasty, the process will not work may be.

As the car is completely clean, it will be quite easier to get check the stubborn blemishes like scratches and oxidation on the paintwork. You can use the clay bar also to remove stubborn dirt or spots.

Some tips to Avoid Scratches

When you are going through the process, don’t press the sponge too hard. By pressing it too hard, you may grind the dirt inadvertently over the paint and will potentially scratch it.

Don’t ignore the crevices when you are cleaning them. These are the major places where the dirt collects. These are the best way to wash a car properly without any kind of scratching. So, hope you can benefit from the tips.

Final Words

The best way to wash a car completely is to first rinse the car off with water. Take a bucket of warm water and use it to rinse the car and remove any dirt that may be on the car. Use a sponge or rag to get all the dirt off of the car.

Next, use a bucket of soapy water and scrub the car with a sponge. Use soapy water and a sponge to clean all the dirt off of the car.

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