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Signs Of A Good Auto Body Paint Job


There are some common signs of a bad auto body paint job. These include overspray, uneven textures, and tape line. You should also look for imperfections such as orange peel or sanding marks. To ensure the quality of the paint job, you should take your time and inspect the work thoroughly. Then, if you see any of these signs, the body shop is probably doing a poor job.

No Overspray

Among the most visible signs of a bad auto body paint job are overspray, which occurs when a person sprays the paint without fully masking other areas of the car. This can occur anywhere on the car, from a small spot where the tape peeled up to the entire side of the roof. In addition, overspray can also indicate poor substrate preparation and can lead to orange peeling or splotches.

To find out if the paint job is done correctly, examine the car under different lighting. If it shows signs of overspray, the body shop did not double check their work. Overspray is also visible on plastic trim, especially the wiring harness boots. The bumper may also have a bad paint job if it looks like the paint is peeling or has been replaced. The bolts on the bumper may be repositioned.

You Don’t See Sanding marks

The longevity of an auto body paint job depends on how well it is prepared, and sanding marks are the result of improper prep. These marks appear as fine scratches under the paint, or as cross hatching. They may appear alone or in combination with other sanding marks. The severity of sanding marks depends on the grit of the sandpaper used and the type of surface. The deeper the marks are, the harder it is to level them.

Before sanding, the paint surface should be cleaned thoroughly. Kopecky suggests using a sealed squirt bottle to mist the surface and a clean, lint-free towel to dry it. It is also important to use the correct sanding technique, since even one grain of sand can ruin the whole party. To minimize sand marks, use multiple grits staggered by a few inches.

No Uneven textures

A quality auto body paint job has a smooth, even texture that is free of rips, wrinkles, or orange peels. When a paint job is done poorly, the result is an uneven texture that will be obvious to anyone who inspects the car. It may also have overspray or uneven textures throughout the body, a sure sign that the paint job was done poorly.

Even blotches and sags are common mistakes in an auto body paint job. Poor paint roller and brush technique can cause these imperfections. Uneven textures indicate that the paint rollers were not properly primed or thick enough. Another sign of an uneven texture is stipple. A car with an uneven texture may also have front suspension problems. If you see these, consider getting the car repainted.

Tape line

A good auto body paint job will have a tape line. This is a sharp cut-off between two layers of paint, and can also be the edge of polishing or compound residue. Fresh paint is always buffed, and a tape line will show that the original paint has been polished or corrected. This is an indication of good quality work, but it does not indicate that the car was repainted.

Masking tape is another indicator of a good auto body paint job. This special type of tape is used to mask sensitive parts while painting, which prevents paint seepage. It also leaves no residue when removed. Although painters’ tape is used for various applications, auto body tape is specifically designed for automotive refinishing. It is thicker and made of special adhesive that can stand up to the high temperatures and mechanical stresses that a car can sustain.

A side view of a shiny, modern blue car with silver rims. The bottom portion of the car, the far tire and a portion of the front tire are visible, with sharp focus on the middle of the car and the far tire and wheel. The car is parked on a blue gray floor.

Proper masking

Proper masking for a good auto-body paint job starts with a thorough cleaning of the car. Without proper masking, there is a high chance of paint overspray and a noticeable result. Learn how to mask your car before painting so that you can avoid wasting time and money. Masking is crucial to a good paint job, so choose a good product to protect the car’s paint-covered surfaces.

Before masking a vehicle, wipe down the entire surface. Ensure that all dust and grime is removed, as these may compromise the masking products. Use a wax or grease remover to clean away contaminants. If the area is dirty, the masking paper may not stick properly and will fall off during the final paint and primer-surface process. In such a situation, use a high-quality masking tape.

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